Matteo's "I Know" Campaign

It’s nice to be back at Jackson Ave. Elementary. I haven’t been here since second grade. When I was here, I was the only guy in my class who had autism. I was the only one who couldn’t speak with words. I was the only one who secretly understood everything the teacher and students were saying. I had a good time here, and for the most part, people were quite nice. But if I could go back in time and be granted a wish, it would be that I could have made more friends.I know my friends with special gifts would enjoy having more friends, too. So, here’s a few tips so you can make this dream come true for them!

Who is Matteo and what is CAST?

After being silent within autism for 11.5 years, Matteo could suddenly and finally communicate when his mom found a letter board system, called Halo RPM. And wow, did he have incredible things to say!!!

Teo – The Poetic Foodie

Rave Restaurant Reviews
Are you hungry? You will be.
Matteo's foodie and restaurant reviews are poetically uplifting while truly discerning. Food takes on a whole new meaning, enjoy!  

Warning: You will get hungry.