VIDEO: "I am Matteo" was a song written by Timothy Higgins, Principal Trombone, and then performed by San Francisco Symphony!!

I wrote a thank you letter to San Francisco Symphony because I was so moved by their music I heard at one of their concerts. I wanted to let them know what their performance meant to me. Wow, beautiful and unexpected things have sure come from it!  Sharing positivity breeds beauty!

VIDEO: Matteo's "I Know" Campaign

It’s nice to be back at Jackson Ave. Elementary. I haven’t been here since second grade. When I was here, I was the only guy in my class who had autism. I was the only one who couldn’t speak with words. I was the only one who secretly understood everything the teacher and students were saying. I had a good time here, and for the most part, people were quite nice. But if I could go back in time and be granted a wish, it would be that I could have made more friends.I know my friends with special gifts would enjoy having more friends, too. So, here’s a few tips so you can make this dream come true for them!

VIDEO: Teo – The Poetic Foodie

Rave Restaurant Reviews
Are you hungry? You will be.
Matteo's foodie and restaurant reviews are poetically uplifting while truly discerning. Food takes on a whole new meaning, enjoy!  

Warning: You will get hungry.