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What are we doing!? Matteo Musso and Nonprofit Creative Autism Solutions Team

In just 3 and a half years, Matteo and CAST (Annette and Matteo's 5013c Nonprofit) has done so much in spreading the truth about autism and giving hope to parents, teachers and most importantly hope to people and children with autism who want so badly to be heard. There is truly so much hope! Watch....!

"I am Matteo" is a musical piece written from a letter of thanks I wrote to the San Francisco Symphony.

I wrote a thank you letter to San Francisco Symphony because I was so moved by their music I heard at one of their concerts. I wanted to let them know what their performance meant to me. Timothy Higgins, the Principal Trombone, read it and wrote an original piece using my words. Wow, beautiful and unexpected things have sure come from it!  Sharing positivity breeds beauty.