Latest: Matteo Goes to Prom!

What a night! ”A Night to Shine” happens around the world to give people with special needs a prom experience, sponsored by Tim Tebow Foundation and local churches. We had a limo ride to the entrance and entered on the red carpet. Lots of “paparazzi” and cheering by volunteers. It was quite amazing!

New! Great interview w/ Matteo and Annette

We had the privilege and joy to meet Hackie Reitman, M.D. at the World Autism and Asperger's Conference in Portland last year. Hackie is doing so much in offering information and guidance for so many with "different" and not so different brains.

As you can see Teo thoroughly enjoyed Hackie and the interview! His answers were pretty amazing.

A poem: "Hot Times in Our World"

"You think one way and I another,
Needless to say, you’re still my brother.
That’s why we’re put here, so close by
To learn we’re different, you and I.

Let’s drop our need to win, win, win
And let our compromise begin.
The need to dominate who you are with
Disturbs the balance that is our gift."  – Matteo

"Mondays with Matteo" series

Come on over to Matteo's channel. Lots to discover...Matteo's words of wisdom, amazing poetry and art. Come join the party and be inspired!

I am Matteo and I have autism. But they were wrong about me.

Autism is a special, loving kind of energy. This is important to know because it affects everything, how you see your child or your relative on the spectrum, your students, your patients and yes, your patience! First and foremost, God and Mom have given me my voice, so I should really use it. I've been silent for 11 and a half years, so I've got a lot to say. Finally, someone needs to change society's views about autistics and those without a voice. I like to say, look beyond what you see to learn the truth. Silence has nothing to do with intelligence, so let's believe in everybody.

Happily Yours,