Through a miraculous discovery at age 11 and a half, Matteo was finally able to communicate with for the very first time – exposing a well of intelligence and heart way beyond his mom's imagination.

Matteo has deemed himself a "voice for the silent ones" – his esteemed colleagues. In only two short years he has traveled the USA presenting over 65 talks to schools, parent groups, autism conferences, universities, medical industry as well as companies and corporations. He presents inspiring, eye-opening, crowd cheering, inclusive, anti-bullying, disabilities awareness truths and ALWAYS assume intelligence.

Matteo’s first book, Handbook of Us: Understanding and Accepting People with Autism, is the light and culmination of locked up thoughts and messages. His messages are enlightening to say the least. Matteo gives incredible insight and tips on raising and befriending an autistic child or autistic adult.

Matteo has now written 3 books, available at

You can see more of Matteo's life and talks on his youtube channel, Matteo Musso Official.

"Signing books for two of my new friends."


"My two favorite people, Mom and Dad. Thank you."