Creative Autism Solutions Team, CAST
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Autism Statistics:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just released new data for 2018. They state that one in 59 U.S. children have autism (a 150% increase from 2000). The ratio is four boys to one girl, 4-1. 

Our Mission:

The mission of Creative Autism Solutions Team (CAST) is to demonstrate that people with autism who have limited verbal skills have fundamental intelligence and can communicate and demonstrate competency as valued productive, creative members of civil society. 

Your Donations Provide:

All donations go directly to Creative Autism Solutions Team, our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which directly funds Matteo and Annette's information delivery to the public.

  • Matteo is being asked to speak at more and more autism/special needs organizations, public events, parent groups, schools and autism/special needs conferences. Most of these organizations are also nonprofits and unable to pay or fund their guest speakers.
  • Your financial support enables Matteo and Annette to help those in need of hearing a message of hope, as well as teaching new ways of working with individuals that are in need of unique support which enable them to excel way beyond what many medical "diagnosis  and prognosis" currently is offering parents.

  • Your donated funds also keep CAST organization running as well as: print materials, web presence, video creation, information materials, and travel for events where Matteo is a speaker.


How We Came To Be:

The current programs, opportunities and information offered to children and adults with autism are very limited and based on an archaic stereotype of the condition.

The current therapies are based on visual observation and inappropriate testing modalities – thus preventing the autistic person from receiving effective individualized therapies and education. Therefore they are not reaching their full potential.

Out of this gap, Annette Musso formed Creative Autism Solutions Team, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, formed in 2011.

Our Work:

In just 2 short years Matteo has given over 65 talks, written and published 3 books, and has become a youtuber, "Mondays with Matteo".

Here are just a few of the organizations where Matteo has spoken:

Mayo Clinic
Autism and Asperger's World Conference
PHP Autism Parent Support Groups
ARRM Conference
Hammer Association Special Needs Org.
Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Night, Autism and the Arts
Los Positas College
University of Wisconsin Nursing School
Luther College
Down Syndrome Connection
Elementary, Middle and High Schools throughout the U.S.