“Matteo Musso is a living example of how a positive attitude, perseverance, and unwillingness to accept defeat can unleash an individual’s potential and influence change in the world. Spend a little time with Matteo and you will come away  inspired and see the world differently.”  

Phil Jacobson, Executive

Corporate Speaking Presentations

Matteo offers a presentation of his own inspiring story of living with autism and finding his voice after 11 and half years. Matteo offers a new way of viewing life and achieving goals through a fresh perspective of acceptance and love.

Matteo has received standing ovations and cheers of enthusiasm from his audience members. He offers heartfelt words with a sense of humor in his efficient and brilliant communication. Matteo tailors his talks to to an audience of indviduals. He offers a Q and A at the end of every presentation.

"What a beautiful and articulate soul!"

                        "Amazing; I will assume intelligence more."                       

– Corporate Attendees


More topics: 

Assume Intelligence.

You never know what is possible until you assume the best out of everyone around you. Can you imagine the difference in achievement, if everyone expected high results, respect and positive assumptions? The levels of accomplishments and fun dramatically goes up. As long as we look beyond what we see to actually learn the truth about people, miraculous results happen. How do we do that? Matteo offers insight and suggestions to create a new habit of being.

Creativity and Confidence Speeds Up Results.

Matteo explains how he developed his own techniques to value himself as a person as well as keeping hope alive that one day he would be heard, that one day he would have a chance to communicate who he is, and he did. Truly amazing things can happen when you do not give up hope on your own ideas and thoughts. Matteo explains how to keep your own self talk positive and hopeful and how to find creative ways to express yourself. This attitude causes exponential success within the work environment and groups working together as a team flow.

Matteo’s Own Inspiring Story.

Many people are confused and really curious about what autism actually is, they hear the word, but do not understand what it is to be autistic. Matteo explains what it is to be autistic and what does to function at his highest level everyday. This talk is truly inspiring and informative for how all people are actually different, autism provides an opportunity to see that example.

Matteo speaks straight from his heart what it was like to know everything going on around him, yet no one around him understood that. His story opens the eyes and the hearts of those who hear it. His mother, Annette, never gave up in seeking for answers that helped Matteo find calm in the storm of autism. Many families are affected by autism. Matteo's mother found solutions that really worked, by never giving up.

One of the gifts of autism is a hyper sensitivity and gifts of knowing in ways the rest of us do not have. Therefore, Matteo's words on the letter board flow out perfectly, no backspace or editing is needed. His words are profound and awe inspiring. Most of all, his words remind us to appreciate life, to be more kind to one another and to know what is truly important in life. The feedback he receives is enthusiastic gratitude, that Matteo's story was the light of their week.

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