An excerpt from a talk...

"Once in a while, a special therapist or facilitator emerges
and all families want that person to be the helper
to their loved one.

Let us strive to understand the components of that special one.
So the awareness spreads to all of those who are working
with our special population.

Individuals can have the recipe to become that most revered
among helpers, then choose to blend in or stand out."

                                      – Matteo



Me giving my talk to the employees at Hammer Organization, March 29th, 2018.


By Matteo Musso
Dedicated to the Hammer Organization and all of their Employees

They came in today to assure our care,
They knew that they’d find me, waiting there.
What energy will they bring with them today?
What will we do? Just watch TV or play?

I wonder if they have realized yet
That inside my head, such deep thoughts are kept.
And inside my heart, different things live,
Such colors of thanks for all that they give.

They may not have known, those things yesterday,
But today is brand new; they’ll know it, I pray.
I may not be able to tell them with words,
What’s trapped in this vessel. It sounds absurd.

There’s brilliance and yearning, a thirst for knowledge,
There’s intelligence trapped that’s worthy of college.
There’s an artist, a singer, a gymnast, a poet,
And one who loves people, but just can’t show it.

A teacher is in here who’s earned a degree,
But not in math or biology.
My degree has been earned in a Liberal Art,
Whose textbook is written from deep in the heart.

Be kind and courageous, give of yourself,
Put books about judging, back on the shelf.
Attend graciously, the classes taught,
By professors of the heart, you didn’t know that you sought.

Assume the intelligence and competence in me,
And then you’ll be shown who you’re meant to be.
If you so desire, that is, way down deep.
You’ll recognize our gifts, no more secrets we’ll keep.

Discard the box that has trained you so well,
Forget right and wrong ways of communicating and tell,
Everyone you know, there are more ways to live,
And more ways to love and still more ways to give.

*   *   *

They jumped out of bed, eager to greet the new day and experience all it has to offer. For it is a gift of opportunity for you, and for all those who get to enjoy you. And bright colors of gold, blue and green surrounded them
like a colorful cloud of peace.
And they felt our thanks.

 "Your message has touched countless people through the Hammer employees who attended your talk. I've had employees reach out to me weekly with stories of sharing the positive loving power of your story.
There's that LOVE, Teo, that is spreading from one life to another.
Director, Hammer Organization



Being Autistic – by Matteo Musso
April, 2018

I am autistic but what does that mean?
It means I’m full of so much that’s unseen.

It means that I’m different than most of the crowd.
Should I be embarrassed or stand up real proud?

I guess that I’d like to be just the latter,
And I work hard on it, but what does it matter?

“We are who we are,” is my mantra inside.
“Don’t worry so much about blending and pride.”

I thank God each day for that little voice
That reminds me each day, that I have a choice.

“You’re perfect, my boy,” says a much louder one.
“I’m proud of you and of what I have done.”

“I’ve created some humans who are loving and kind,
Who are brilliant and unique, who’ll give sight to the blind.”

Autistics are teachers that society craves,
To open their eyes to more simple ways.

We have no choice but to figure it out,
How to find peace and what life is about.

Hurt tummy’s, loud sounds that escape from our mouths,
Incessant screaming and jumps up and down.

Trapped thoughts held hostage, intelligence waiting,
For someone to see through the façade that’s prevailing.

Purposeful bodily actions we share
All messages for you to receive, if you dare.

You may not want it, many do not.
But we’ll keep on sharing, just give it a thought.

It may require some action from you,
A deep inner change or acceptance that’s new.

We’re persistant and strong, relentless some say,
Also sensitive and knowing but that’s hidden away.

We want to have friends but require some things,
Like patience and excitement of gifts that we bring.

Society wants us, they just may forget,
They want some reminders of things that have slipped.

Speaking without requiring a word,
Tweet with your actions and heart like a bird.

Let’s open our hearts and release some more love.
For everyone waiting, we give gentle shoves.

We might not present in the usual way.
But what do you want? We’re not made that way.

Happy Autism Awareness Month!
Let’s open up to all the possibilities life presents.

Don’t be afraid.
You’re safe.
We don’t have to all be the same.
Autistics forge new possibilities each day.
We’ll help you – you just have to let us.

Love, Teo




After watching the entire Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech,
Matteo wrote:
"Every word he said is true and moral. I enjoyed his speech because he spoke for so many who needed a voice. I am sad that such a moral leader was taken from this country so early in his life. We sure could use such a moral leader now. Part of me is like him; I feel a closeness of passion and ethics. Let me see…"

By Matteo Musso

I have a dream that someday
people of all races, religions,
sizes, persuasions, languages,
talents, intellect and speaking
abilities will be respected and
accepted for what lies within
their hearts, not for how they
fit the “status quo.”

I have a dream that all people
will use the language of actions
over speech; that bold, humble
service and giving, shouts
louder than saying what was done.

I have a dream that the need
for words that say, “I love you”
disappears into the smiles
shared, hugs given and good
deeds done for those we love
and for those we have yet to meet.

I have a dream that flowing
streams continue to provide
basic essentials for mankind
and the cleaning of the
environment proceeds in
bright success.

I have a dream that nations can
realize that no piece of land is
worth the killing of so many
and no matter what man’s ego
thinks it knows, God still
requires us to put love first.

I have a dream that people turn
from judgment and fear to
mutual respect and trust.

I have a dream that education
will be given to everyone,
whether they can communicate
with words or not; that the
intelligence and competence of
people are not judged by their
visual displays of harmless
movements or actions.

I have a dream that the
beautiful plan God had of
blessing each of us with gifts
that are to be unwrapped and
shared, will be discovered and
nurtured for the betterment of society.

I see this dream coming true in
my heart. Let it be so. And a
warm blanket of peace and
prosperity covered the Earth in
a bed of love and respect.


February 9, 2018

"A Night to Shine" Tim Tebow's prom night!

Sunday morning after "A Night to Shine", 2018

I had the time of my life on Friday night! Dressing up in a tuxedo and feeling really special, like a star, was extraordinary. I was greeted by so many friends from this church of mine…I was so blessed. To see familiar faces of joy and love amidst a sea of happy, organized chaos, provided me peace. I want to thank all of you who volunteered at this event. The volume of your smiles, claps and love was even louder thanthe dancing music. For those of you who weren’t there, that says a lot!


A light that shined for so many of us

Shone bright on Friday night.
The gathering of so many hearts
Could solve our energy plight.

As I got dressed up in my tux
I couldn’t comprehend,
A night so filled with pride and joy
For me and all my friends.

When I arrived the line was long,
All were wanting in.
Then my turn came to walk the carpet
The party to begin.

Why do they cheer? Why do they clap?
I really didn’t know.
Then as I walked it came to me
Their love they aimed to show.

I took it in though my feet walked fast,
It may not have seemed,
That I enjoyed it, but I did,
Inside my soul just beamed.

So, God has done it once again,
Created many gifts,
For so many special ones
Whose spirits received lifts!

We could not experience that exact
Feeling by ourselves.
It took you who gave so much
Working as God’s elves.

And the dancing guests replay those memories created that night.
They will be forever preserved under lock and key, in our hearts.
They will be there to comfort us during our challenging times and bring us
smiles during our silence. May God preserve them for you, as well.

Love, Matteo “Hot Feet” Musso


 Smuin Christmas Ballet, December 2017
Matteo wrote this after seeing the performance.

“Mom, I’ve never experienced anything quite like that before.”
Forget not an ounce of that sensory treat from yesterday, oh self.
Why would you choose to live this life void of such gifts?

My greatest sensory adventure took place at the Smuin Christmas Ballet
yesterday. It was as if a heavenly baker combined the finest ingredients with the most unique recipe and added the elegance of a watercolor painting to ensure the perfect sensory dessert. A cake that was prepared as a way to enlighten us and remind us of how it feels to let go of all stress and worry, if only for a couple of hours on a blissful Sunday afternoon.

My ears enjoyed the naked cake of this heavenly baker. Beautiful music of differing styles, genres and emotional journeys flooded my auditory system. Some helped me escape into memories while others provided opportunity to smile.

My eyes got to experience the frosting of this master cake. The choreography provided a masters touch, acting as glue, securing the auditory experience to the visual one. The grace of bodily movements flowed as a gentle brook through the redwoods on a clear, fresh, crisp spring day. One alone or many in synergy, the movement captured my vision and requested my visual attention.

Rambunctious, flirtatious, elegant, meditative…these various movements told me the secrets far better than any words possibly could. So, once the master baker bakes the cake and frosts it, it would be fine to eat;
even quite enjoyable, I’d surmise. So, would you like your piece presented to you on a napkin without a fork, to eat on the go? Or, are you in the mood for a server to bring you a piece on beautiful china with a fork of precious silver? The cake and frosting are the same in each case, but the experience is quite different.

The Smuin team presented me a luscious dessert and I felt like a king dining on the finest of china. The emotion I felt from the dancers warmed my heart. They frolicked during the fun pieces and fell in love during others. Although just actors of sorts, they convinced my emotions and I happily fell for their story.

Reality is, they portrayed the best parts of our human experience through their performance energy.

Lesson learned and felt: if we combine all the best parts of ourselves and mix them together with those of others, we can enjoy a beautiful, sweet life experience. The cake alone is good, but the loving energy with which it is shared, turns a napkin into fine china and a cake into the sensory experience of a lifetime.

Pat-a- cake, pat-a- cake, bakers man, bake me a cake as fast as you can. That’s my new prayer for our world. Thank you Smuin team. May many support your gifts and enjoy their true elegance.

Merry Christmas!
Your new groupie,



November 21, 2017

A 2017 Thanksgiving thought from Matteo Musso, age 14

Priceless moments come again when love and thanks prevail,
Very sure God’s praise is sung, for gifts he did unveil.
Another year has come and gone, we’ve mixed both joy and tears,
As we do and have so done, throughout life’s many years.
It is that time again to gather, with family and friends,
To laugh and feast on nummy gifts that God so freely sends.
There’s turkey, salad, bread and gravy, stuffing, beans and more,
Please don’t forget to bring the pie, or I’ll send you to the store.
Besides the food, do you know why, we always feel so full?
Reasons exist beyond the meal and are so plentiful.
One thing is for sure that day, when we are all together,

Our hearts have an inflammatory response and swell up more than ever.

When that magic organ is so full, it’s easy to understand,
There are fewer inches available, for our stomachs to expand!
So elastic pants I recommend, this Thanksgiving Day,
So you can welcome without fear, all love that comes your way.
You’ll still have room to feast and feast, you’ll eat lots on the table,
Let’s bottle up that inflamed heart and remember it’s inflatable!
Reality is we have been blessed, again we have each other,
And those we love who dine with God, still live in us forever.
May this Thanksgiving season be our opportunity to show others our
inflated hearts with smiles, hugs, generosity and prayer. We don’t have
to be boisterous about it…our actions speak louder than words ever could.

With love and thankfulness,


November 18, 2017

Matteo wrote this beautiful prayer
for his niece Izzy's baby dedication at her church.



October 12, 2017

"Light Taking Over" by Matteo Musso


"Life as a Whirlwind" by Matteo Musso


October 7, 2017
Maui, Hawaii


by Matteo Musso

The waves are playing,
just as if they are a loving family on an adventurous vacation.
Some smaller and youthful but wanting to mature.
These are the playground for natures young, both wet and human.
They provide such playful energy. All may enjoy. 

Then the next set of waves emerge,
reminding all who see them that they are the mature adults of nature.
They beckon those who have learned respect and give it unconditionally
to those who have earned it.

Waves of this nature are recreation to some and fear to others...
thrilling to some and frightening to others.
Reality is, that they are the same waves yet solicit a variety of
responses within us.

They'll keep coming, these powerful forces of energy,
never ceasing to decide who they will be.
They will come to us steadily, over and over,
just as the seconds of a clock tick their soothing sounds
with never ending reliance. 

Can we learn the respect required to eliminate fear?
If we choose it, then we have blessings rolling toward us,
nonstop and abundantly.

Playful versus powerful, enjoyable versus intimidating, those titles disappear and they are all just beautiful waves bringing peace and harmony to those blessed enough to visit.

The End

September 24, 2017

Hi Friends,
Teo chose to write letters to soldiers today at our annual church Neighbor to Neighbor event.  It's where we do community service.  Thought you'd enjoy what he wrote to our service people...

My Brave New Friend

By Matteo Musso
September 24, 2017


Thank you, my friend, you are so brave
Your time, gifts and bravery to us you gave.

You've left the comforts of home behind
For the freedom and safety of all mankind.

Why are you willing to do this for me?
Risk your life and your comfort for even those who can't see.

I think I know why, or at least I'll guess...
You think more about others, and about yourself less.

Democracy is important to you
It is also to me.

And to thousands of other people,
Who only dream to be free.

With a big sense of purpose and all the right training,
Off to battle you go.

Just know in your heart, your mind and your soul,
That we're with you, more than you know.

And God sent his angels to protect them and help them feel our love.

Your new friend and professional pray-er,

Matteo Musso


August 27, 2017 - Portland, Oregon
US Autism & Asperger's World Conference 2017

I was chosen to be a speaker on the discussion panel
with one of my heroes, Temple Grandin,
along with some esteemed friends in the autism community:
Niko Boskovic, Spencer Kelly and Alix Generous.


 We all had SO much fun!!!!!



August 14, 2017

Goodnight My Sun

Sunset changing colors, right before you sleep

Thank you God for giving us a tiny little peek.

It's secrets are still hidden behind the hazy clouds,

While once again it disappears

With others shares its light

Where do you go, why do you leave?

Will you come back tomorrow?

I'll miss you while I sleep tonight

But see you in the morrow.

Get sleep tonight or do you need it?

Our favorite shining ball.

Without you we cannot survive

Humanity will you call.


August 14, 2017

Cakepop Rock

Cake pops bring a boy such joy
I cannot hide under my desire.
Let's make our own but share with scouts
Cuz' of sugar, we'll never tire.

Boy finds new energy hidden deep
Within the sneaky pop,
With respect and adoration
I get to go, not stop.

Hop in my mouth, you succulent treat
I'll help you if you need it.
A more welcoming mouth you'll never meet,
But it's wanting me to feed it.

No, not with veggies, fruit or meat
I get enough of them.
It's treats like you who call me
My long-lost chocolate friend.

A bad rap you are given without nutrition,
But isn't joy and succulence just a different form of nutrition?

I get fed those things from you,
Let the green stuff handle the rest.
It's probably no big secret,
That I like you the best.




July 26, 2017
I made this vase on the pottery wheel
and roses are going crazy in our garden today!


July 24, 2017

After our lesson on Mt. Everest and the climbing conditions,
Teo wrote this:


View from the Top of the World

 Mountain, Mountain at the top of the world

Take care of the climbers, please.

Invited or not they are called to you,

Their curiosity to appease.


They would not appear at your base camp unless

Your call to them was heard.

Your majesty they yearned for in their hearts,

Like God’s unwavering word.


How treacherous every foot step is

But happy is the snow,

Who gets to live forever there,

Unless its smushed by toes.


But if it is, it understands

Its purpose was to help,

The people need to fill their hearts

With beauty not with kelp.


How can we fathom the tallest one?

Just like we cannot see,

Everest expands out of our sight

Like God’s love for you and me.


July 7, 2017
What I painted in art today...


July 4, 2017
Bolinas Beach, California

Me at Bo Beach getting and giving some good vibes!

The Inside of Me

How deep will you look and what will you see?
Look past the façade to see the real me.
I am more than actions my body must do
And likewise, your bodies must do their things too.
Are there ever times when you just can't just sit still?
Or you just want to yell something, then you could chill?
We feel that stuff too but imagine this,
That it is so magnified,  a great sum like this.
One hundred times ten, then add on three zeros
To understand this, would make you our heroes.
We just can't contain it, the energy's too great,
So out it just comes, not too soon or too late. 
We are sorry if our need for survival sometimes
Conflicts with the schedule you had in your minds.
We do our best to work with these things,
But oft you don't see that... frustration it brings.
I must say out loud, as strong as I can,
Cuz I speak for so many in Autismland.
Remember the things that you notice in us,
Are inside you too and seeing them is a must.
For that's when the world starts to shift more to love,
And the earth gets showered with gifts from above.
Accept this and kindness rains down on all of humanity, as we focus on our commonalities while appreciating the diversity God so entrusted to mankind.

– Matteo Musso, April 5, 2017



A Time to Chill at Bo Beach
Give me your tired, your lonely, your distraught,
Give me your curious, your energetic, and your whimsical spirits.
I am rest or invigoration for the soul, depending on what you seek right now.
I am wild at times, yet constant and serene at others.
Some appreciate my moodiness and are willing to look inward and discover that we are not that different, you and I. 
But others look at my tumultuous exclamations and wonder how such a beautiful creation can change moods in the blink of an eye.
I must alter my state of existence to feel alive,
For how can we appreciate calm, rolling waves unless we experience crashing, thunderous surf?
Without contrasting times, life's games would prove to be mundane.
I am here to experience life, too.
I am affected by moon and universal energy .
But to tame me is to strive for the impossible.
I would never exist to please all at the same time,
For that is also impossible.
Variances in me are what touch the souls of everyone at different times in life.
May you find fulfillment with me throughout your life, as my purpose changes within you throughout the years.
Bring me your heart, your mind, your soul,
And I will give you peace.
– Matteo Musso, July 2, 2017

The World Awakens To Autism

A problem still prevails.

Pursuing only science ideas will never tell the tales.

A lot’s been said about us, that simply isn’t true.

So I take it on, the challenge seen, I’ll try educating you.


What do you see as “normal?” How is it that life should be?

Should I be just like you? And you be just like me?

My mission is not just like yours and yours is not like mine.

So how then logically can you expect our lives to just align?


What if the brains locked in our heads, only worked one way?

We’d have a billion scientists but no music to hear or play.

If our bodies worked like robots, that’d be no good at all.

We’d have a million quarterbacks but no one to catch the ball.


Humanity was crafted carefully, assembled by a pro.

Our different skills and unique gifts are for the world to know.

Autistics are a unique group with more arriving daily.

Do you really think this is unplanned? If so, you might be crazy!


You learn so much about yourselves but only if you dare.

To stop the judging and conformity is a challenge beyond compare.

Which of you is strong enough to look inside yourselves,

Ask why it is that you insist we be like everyone else?


We’re full of love and accomplish things that deep within us lie.

Just cuz they do not shout to you or ask for your reply,

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We silently succeed.

To live our journeys on this earth, just love and faith (in us) we need.


So this year I implore you, to look beyond your sight.

We’re not specimens to study, from a science point of view.

We’re love and patience, healing and light,

Sent from God to you.

How does one measure love and teaching when it is disguised as autism?

Matteo Musso April 3, 2017