My Latest Poetry And....

August 14, 2017

Cakepop Rock

Cake pops bring a boy such joy
I cannot hide under my desire.
Let's make our own but share with scouts
Cuz' of sugar, we'll never tire.

Boy finds new energy hidden deep
Within the sneaky pop,
With respect and adoration
I get to go, not stop.

Hop in my mouth, you succulent treat
I'll help you if you need it.
A more welcoming mouth you'll never meet,
But it's wanting me to feed it.

No, not with veggies, fruit or meat
I get enough of them.
It's treats like you who call me
My long-lost chocolate friend.

A bad rap you are given without nutrition,
But isn't joy and succulence just a different form of nutrition?

I get fed those things from you,
Let the green stuff handle the rest.
It's probably no big secret,
That I like you the best.




July 26, 2017
I made this vase on the pottery wheel
and roses are going crazy in our garden today!


July 24, 2017

After our lesson on Mt. Everest and the climbing conditions,
Teo wrote this:


View from the Top of the World

 Mountain, Mountain at the top of the world

Take care of the climbers, please.

Invited or not they are called to you,

Their curiosity to appease.


They would not appear at your base camp unless

Your call to them was heard.

Your majesty they yearned for in their hearts,

Like God’s unwavering word.


How treacherous every foot step is

But happy is the snow,

Who gets to live forever there,

Unless its smushed by toes.


But if it is, it understands

Its purpose was to help,

The people need to fill their hearts

With beauty not with kelp.


How can we fathom the tallest one?

Just like we cannot see,

Everest expands out of our sight

Like God’s love for you and me.


July 7, 2017
What I painted in art today...


July 4, 2017
Bolinas Beach, California

Me at Bo Beach getting and giving some good vibes!

The Inside of Me

How deep will you look and what will you see?
Look past the façade to see the real me.
I am more than actions my body must do
And likewise, your bodies must do their things too.
Are there ever times when you just can't just sit still?
Or you just want to yell something, then you could chill?
We feel that stuff too but imagine this,
That it is so magnified,  a great sum like this.
One hundred times ten, then add on three zeros
To understand this, would make you our heroes.
We just can't contain it, the energy's too great,
So out it just comes, not too soon or too late. 
We are sorry if our need for survival sometimes
Conflicts with the schedule you had in your minds.
We do our best to work with these things,
But oft you don't see that... frustration it brings.
I must say out loud, as strong as I can,
Cuz I speak for so many in Autismland.
Remember the things that you notice in us,
Are inside you too and seeing them is a must.
For that's when the world starts to shift more to love,
And the earth gets showered with gifts from above.
Accept this and kindness rains down on all of humanity, as we focus on our commonalities while appreciating the diversity God so entrusted to mankind.

– Matteo Musso, April 5, 2017



A Time to Chill at Bo Beach
Give me your tired, your lonely, your distraught,
Give me your curious, your energetic, and your whimsical spirits.
I am rest or invigoration for the soul, depending on what you seek right now.
I am wild at times, yet constant and serene at others.
Some appreciate my moodiness and are willing to look inward and discover that we are not that different, you and I. 
But others look at my tumultuous exclamations and wonder how such a beautiful creation can change moods in the blink of an eye.
I must alter my state of existence to feel alive,
For how can we appreciate calm, rolling waves unless we experience crashing, thunderous surf?
Without contrasting times, life's games would prove to be mundane.
I am here to experience life, too.
I am affected by moon and universal energy .
But to tame me is to strive for the impossible.
I would never exist to please all at the same time,
For that is also impossible.
Variances in me are what touch the souls of everyone at different times in life.
May you find fulfillment with me throughout your life, as my purpose changes within you throughout the years.
Bring me your heart, your mind, your soul,
And I will give you peace.
– Matteo Musso, July 2, 2017

The World Awakens To Autism

A problem still prevails.

Pursuing only science ideas will never tell the tales.

A lot’s been said about us, that simply isn’t true.

So I take it on, the challenge seen, I’ll try educating you.


What do you see as “normal?” How is it that life should be?

Should I be just like you? And you be just like me?

My mission is not just like yours and yours is not like mine.

So how then logically can you expect our lives to just align?


What if the brains locked in our heads, only worked one way?

We’d have a billion scientists but no music to hear or play.

If our bodies worked like robots, that’d be no good at all.

We’d have a million quarterbacks but no one to catch the ball.


Humanity was crafted carefully, assembled by a pro.

Our different skills and unique gifts are for the world to know.

Autistics are a unique group with more arriving daily.

Do you really think this is unplanned? If so, you might be crazy!


You learn so much about yourselves but only if you dare.

To stop the judging and conformity is a challenge beyond compare.

Which of you is strong enough to look inside yourselves,

Ask why it is that you insist we be like everyone else?


We’re full of love and accomplish things that deep within us lie.

Just cuz they do not shout to you or ask for your reply,

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We silently succeed.

To live our journeys on this earth, just love and faith (in us) we need.


So this year I implore you, to look beyond your sight.

We’re not specimens to study, from a science point of view.

We’re love and patience, healing and light,

Sent from God to you.

How does one measure love and teaching when it is disguised as autism?

Matteo Musso April 3, 2017