Our Recommended Resources


HALO=Helping Autism through Learning and Outreach
This is the website about SOMA RPM and it is full of resources! There are “frequently asked questions,” videos of Soma herself, teaching students with various neurological challenges and a “resource” section where you may purchase books and letter boards.

Hope, Expression and Education
Lenae Crandall is the RPM specialist/teacher with whom we study and our ANGEL. Through her love and dedication, our lives are changed forever. This is her website. It is a great “teaching” website full of
information gathered from Lenae’s experiences
working with hundreds of students all around
the world.

This is the Son-Rise program’s website. It can really help you find inner peace on your journey with us.

Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, creator of the MNRI – Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration Program. This primitive reflex work feels like massage on my body. It has helped me tremendously in a wide variety of ways and I love it so much!

Master Behrooz Donadoost, Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Light. Shafaw literally means “miraculous healing.” This energy work has helped me in so many ways, especially to feel grounded. I am grateful that Mom and Dad were open to it.

And of course my book –
Handbook of Us: Understanding and Accepting People with Autism
By Matteo MussoIt really gives a depth of insight and information into the what is really going on inside and autistic person. There is also lots of information from Annette, Matteo's mom, regarding her breakthroughs and what she found worked with her son. Many details not to be missed. Truly a "can't put down" read. Available on amazon.com here.


What If” series of children’s books by Annette:
These wonderful books were written by my mom to teach
children to embrace and celebrate our differences.

What if we all looked the same?

What if we all only liked chocolate?

What if we all learned the same?

Available on amazon.com here.


My friend and colleague, Spencer Kelly, owns his own soap company. We were on a panel together recently at the USAAA Asperger's and Autism World conference in Portland, OR. Check out his soaps that smell so good!

Expedition Soaps