Our Nonprofit

Creative Autism Solutions Team CAST

A Nonprofit 501c3 Organization



Our Mission:

Inviting society to open up to the possibilities that lie hidden in every non verbal person, while reaching for positivity that lies within every human being to make our world more loving and accepting of everyone.


How We Came To Be:

CAST was started in 2011 by Annette Musso, who wanted a brick and mortar therapy center for her son to receive all of his therapies under one roof. That mission has now evolved into a global vision.

Through her son's transformation over the past two years and his newly acquired ability to communicate, he is sharing many ways to not only help the autistic community but humanity at large.


Our Work:

Funds that are raised provide us the ability to spread the message through public speaking, writing and developing programs that will help other autistics and non verbal people find their voice.

We are also working to provide desperately needed unique parental support and mentoring. 

Additionally, we provide training programs for those professionals working with autistic individuals. We support a higher level of insight with a unique perspective to effectively support an autistic person and their growth in every way.


To Donate:

If you are so moved, please feel free to donate below and know that your money is bringing light and hope to the lives of many!


With Gratitude,

Annette and Matteo Musso

and The Whole CAST Team