Parent Mentoring Groups, Autism

Matteo and his mom, Annette Musso, share the insights and suggestions that work. Annette has gained a wealth of ways of helping Matteo that really work to help Matteo calm, be centered and happy. She has found a good positive way of living with her son that makes for a peaceful, happy home.

This was not always the case. As Matteo struggled early on, she was open and therefore found solutions that work for her and Matteo. An insightful and very uplifting talk!

"One of the most inspiring duo's we have had speak in our group yet,
great information I will use tonight."
– Parent of Autistic Daughter

"I have a whole new perspective on my Marky and Jacob – two young men I work with. Good luck my friend, you are amazing."
– Presentation Audience Member

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