A Letter
   from Quince

September 26, 2019

Hi Matteo.
Good to introduce myself to you. I am Quince. I got the same problem that you suffer from. I lost my talking when I was two.

Beginning last year I started watching you on Mondays with Matteo. Love it. Helps me not get so lonely. Miss not having friends. Won't worry. Work with mom like you. I might really like to meet you. I feel like I would love a polite friend understanding me.  

I like watching you with your mom. I feel like it helps me keep RPM going. I am not very worried that I don't talk when I see you rising up to work so hard. I so want to be like you. I help mom to really understand me. It is easier having you so real to me. I a lot of time wish mom and Ron (dad) would read to me your book again.
I got similar ideas because normal nonautistics really worry about my behavior. Mission is to work so worry is not so real. Missing so much not quiet in church. I love church. I work mom so I hear music on some days. I listen to sermon in hallway. Mom is right next to me like your mom so I can listen somewhat better. Good RPM is so important. Can't hear mistakes on RPM like ipad. I would like mom to work less. My sister is near to where you live in college. I so want to see one of you and your mom's talks. When do you have one? 




September 27, 2019

Hi Quince,

Teo’s mom, Annette, here. He’ll write to you in a minute. But first, I must say that it’s the most beautiful, touching letter we have ever received from another autist. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us and taking the time to let Teo know the impact he is having out there in the world. I can’t tell you what it means to both me and Matteo.

Here’s Teo…

Hi Quince,

Like Mom said, your letter means the world to me! I know this cross we bear can feel really heavy at times, but it also can lift us higher than neuro-typicals can ever soar in this lifetime. I’d like to have more friends, too. Luckily, Mom had me join Boy Scouts, so maybe you could consider joining Cub Scouts. Mom says she wishes she would have thought about it when I was younger. I didn’t join until I was 13. The kids are crazy and silly. They talk about different things than I would, but I enjoy listening even if I don’t participate in the conversations. Mom lets me be alone with the guys as much as possible, but is there if I want to add anything to the meeting or conversation of a camp out, for example. I am also the Asst. Chaplain for the troop. It has earned me respect from the guys. Mom is active in the troop and that’s helpful. She goes on all the outings and camp outs with me. I am a Life Scout and now beginning to work on my Eagle! I may be the first non-verbal, autistic Eagle Scout someday. I hope so!

It’s nice you want your Mom and Dad to read my book to you again, but I bet you could read it by yourself whenever you want! I love reading with Mom, too, but as just quiet bonding time. We read, “The Reason I Jump,” together, Mom had me comment on each section from my perspective. Would love to hear your comments from chapters in my book, from your perspective. And hey, it would get your parents reading it to you again! Haha, I’m so sneaky.

I also have other books available now. Moments of Feeling Known, is poetry. You could comment on the poems! Secrets of Autism Revealed gives a Top 10 list gives a list of things I want the world to know. What would your Top 10 list be?

I’d love to be your friend, Quince. In fact, I already am! Let’s be pen pals and if you’re ever up here visiting, we could meet! Or we could come down!

Keep your head held high! Even when we make our sounds or our bodies do their impulsive actions, we are teaching society and will raise the vibrations here on earth.

Happily Yours,


September 29, 2019

Dear Matteo,

I loved hearing your words mom read to me.  Cannot wait to meet you. Helped me so much to have someone truly understand me. I understand that words cannot express my real thoughts. Like to try.
Good ideas understand how they would work with someone else. I have immune not working so well. I get sick so much. I really would like world experiences with others, mom nervous. I like idea of not mom reading to me. Working to read more myself with help. I only understand words I know well. Mom helps me understand new words.

I wonder so much what will happen to me in my future. I like to learn how you not worry very much about living not talking. Like rising up so not worrying.  

I have words like I used in my letter to you in my head all the time.  Miss opportunity to say them mom not with me all the time. Mom helps lots with babies with problems. Some have mom's very young. Not very into helping their helpless babies. I really like mom's work.  Good to get to help babies. I not so miss her I need someone to do RPM. Her is like my only RPM worker now. My sister RPM's with me too but is in school in the day. I have had helpers in RPM but they leave.

Love Quince

Dear Matteo and Annette,

Thank you so much to responding to Quince's letter.  He has been so happy and excited after getting your response. It has always been his dream to meet Matteo since first watching your videos almost 2 years ago. We have all of your books and I make all of Quince's helpers read them before they start working with Quince as part of their training. I also have them watch many of your old Mondays with Matteo as well.
We would love to meet Matteo if possible. We visit often so if our October visit doesn't work we could always visit another time.
Thanks again for responding to Quince's letter. It meant so much to him! 


MORE TO COME....!  = )