The response to Matteo's presentations has been phenomenal!
"Matteo Musso has been given the unique gift to touch
the hearts of humans, even in silence, sparking in them
something profound and leaving behind a lesson that will
last a lifetime."  Jodi Lundell
Matteo has received the Temple Grandin Award 2017 from
Las Positas College, Psychology Department.
In just over a year, he has spoken at schools, universities, colleges and corporations throughout the country:
    • Teachers and students in public schools
    • Companies looking to enhance their
      employees minds and inspire their employees hearts.
    • Medical industry; doctors, nurses, employees
    • Psychology and family educators
    • Parent support groups
Matteo is spreading his message loud and clear, "assume intelligence and look beyond what you see to learn the truth about people and life." Matteo speaks by pointing using the SOMA RPM method, no touch, independent communicating. His mom, Annette, then verbalizes his words. Annette also shares in between Matteo's words.Matteo is able to engage the audience by sensing and directing his message toward the exact individuals present in the audience. He also offers a Q and A at the end. If you would like more information on Matteo speaking at your company or event. Please fill out our contact form on our website!

Latest Presentation:

ARRM Conference Presenter Special Needs Conference for State Of Minnesota
Matteo Musso:
After 12 years of silence, a pre-verbal autistic boy has found his voice and shares it in a most unique way…one letter at a time. Hear his profound insights on what it is like to be autistic as he shares his message…a message louder than autism. Matteo will answer your questions about how he processes information, the challenges of being autistic in our society, what is really helpful to autistics and any other curiosity you may have. Bring your questions with you.