Restaurant Reviews by Matteo

            Sea House Restaurant, Maui, Hawaii


The salad provided a dense combination of so many flavors. It was like a rigorous hula dance in my mouth. I could just order another, but then I'd be too full to enjoy the next culinary surprise. Bring it on, please.

Well, just as I suspected, Chef Alex rocks! He accommodated my nut allergy, as I really wanted the basil pesto fish creation. Basil has pine nuts so alas, it was a no go. But I am happy to say that the pine nuts weren't missed. Chef came out and ran his ideas by me... how cool was that?
My taste buds are singing the Hallelujah Chorus right now. Thank you George Frederick Handel and thank you Chef Alex.

Here's the thing, I'm 13 years old and chef made time to come out to my table to make sure I'd have a meal that was safe for me and that I'd love. Wouldn't you say that's a rarity?

The food tonight tasted of skill, talent and pride. The ingredients were fresh, the recipes were creative and the presentation was artistic. But the secret ingredient in my meal that set it apart from all others on my vacation was that the food was treated like art and loved by the artist.

Chef Alex doesn't cook, he creates. His positive energy is felt in the food and it sure tastes good! Thanks Chef Alex, the cooking staff and everyone at the Sea House!  Mahalo!


 Swirl on the Square, Livermore, California

This is the best grilled cheese I've ever had. I'll call it "grilled richness." The crunch of the bread danced with the gentle, quiet cheese and meat napping there. That dichotomy, dancing and napping, is what I enjoyed the most. I could just say it tastes good, but I wouldn't want to insult the gift. Life hides gifts in the simplest of things. Let's be sure to seek them out and appreciate them. It made me recall the savory – when added with a bit of softness, it brings total satisfaction.

Speaking of gifts and tactile enjoyment for my mouth, let's talk for a bit about this cheesy bread. This is my second meeting with it this week. Who could be this lucky? It's juicy bread – due to the succulence of its spices and contents. So many flavors and spices lay atop this crunchy platform of wheat. The bread is so thick compared to that which lay on top of it. Cheese and spices used, have not often mingled in my mouth quite like this.

I'm glad you brought me so many pieces! It arrived to me nice and hot, right out of the oven. I engrossed in my "grilled richness" for awhile. I took one warm bite and loved its comfort. But what I noticed later, after eating it at a cooler temperature, is how the flavor remained. This is a solid nummy treat, any way you slice it!

I am so glad Mom brought me here. It's such a chill attitude and fun with the music in the background. The people who work here are so welcoming and I am happy to relax here for quite some time. Thanks for providing such a hip, yet chill place where my taste buds can dance, along with my feet, if I choose.

Swirl rocks! What else can I say?!


Panama Bay Coffee Co., Livermore, California

The "Chuck Norris" mango, pineapple smoothie:
I liked it a lot. It fit nicely through the straw and had a direct route to my mouth.

Chocolate Croissant:
The delicate pastry crumbled with elegance onto my lap, but the brunt of it found a quick hiding place in my mouth. My taste buds discovered the flaky guest,
then called into action all available chomping soldiers. Not one, not two, but 20 or more quickly answered the call to action. You must find a way to let my digestive system partake in the job it's meant to do. Chew away my little calcium laden friends, then let the saliva provide transportation to my stomach. "Num," I say. Good teamwork, body.

Aviation Rooftop Bar and Kitchen
Livermore, California


The H2O was nice and wet, just the way I like it. The lemonade it evaporated all too quickly, due to its slippery numminess.

I enjoyed the Aviator Cheeseburger and the tater tots. They were a nice diversion from traditional french fries. They crunched on the outside, that crunchy layer acting as a noisy down jacket providing insulation for the meat of the tot.
I enjoyed a warm tater tot even though I found it necessary to consume my burger in its entirety prior to indulging in the tots.

The burger – how do I describe its perfection? The bun, a slight crunch outlined the underside rim – texture number one. Puffy fresh bread surrounded the high-quality meat, cooked to my requested finish. Accompanied by onions, cheese, and other toppings, the flavor and texture combos provided a plethora of sensory experiences for my mouth.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will take the extra tots to go please. Thank you for this tasty treat that was my lunch!