"I have often struggled to find the perfect way to describe beautiful...the Grand Canyon? A smiling infant? A young boy helping his aging grandmother cross the road? A loving hand extended in a time of need? A Michelangelo sculpture? Well, I still don't know if I will find the perfect definition but I know for certain, Matteo is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!"
                                        Dr. Michael Osterholm, Ph.D., M.P.H


"Matteo's presentation taught me to be careful not make assumptions, to continue to be open and non judgmental. I am humbled to be more open to differences now."
                                        Mayo Clinic Presentation Participant


"Amazing mom and son, you both have a great story to share with many!"
                                         Mayo Clinic Presentation Participate


"Because of hearing Matteo speak today, I am understanding my own life better. Thank you for sharing your experience. It has helped me see things much, much more clearly."
                                           ARRM Conference Participant


“Matteo Musso is a living example of how a positive attitude, perseverance, and unwillingness to accept defeat can unleash an individual’s potential and influence change in the world. Spend a little time with Matteo and you will come away  inspired and see the world differently.”  
                                       Phil Jacobson, Business Executive


"Matteo is an extraordinary, very talented person. Being Matteo's friend has changed the way I look at things. His story through autism has inspired me in many different ways. I am very fortunate that I have gotten to know him."
                                           Alyson Dillon, Student


"It is said that you will meet a few significant people in your lifetime who will touch your soul and help define who you are. I had the extraordinary, unexpected joy of meeting one of those beautiful souls who surely changed my very being and touched my heart deeper than he may ever know. Thank you Matteo, for being God’s gift to this world.

He has taught me more about life, happiness, faith and pure love in the few hours that I’ve been in his presence than I’ve learned in all of my 46 years of living. Thank you my new friend, for giving me my Happy Day!”
                    Jodi Lundell, attended Matteo's "Wonders of Autism” presentation


"Matteo is a funny, intelligent, talented, caring person. He has inspired me and everyone he meets in so many ways. His story with autism is an amazing story everyone should hear. He has many unbelievable talents and is incredibly smart.  
He has changed so many lives and has helped so many people. His smile is the sweetest and his hugs could make me happy even on the worst days. His encouraging words are the best. He has changed my perspective and has made me a better person. I am so thankful to have met him and become his friend. He is such an amazing person, and he is the best friend you could ever have. I could never thank him and his mother enough for this incredible journey. I am so incredibly happy to be his friend."
                   Haley Moore, Student

"Matteo not only has an incredible story to tell, he has the most amazing messages to share with the world. To say that he is eager to do so is an understatement. I’ve known Matteo since he was born and we’ve always known there was something special about him. The part that is so amazing to me is seeing his transformation into who he is today.

Matteo has affected my life in so many ways I can’t even explain them all! It’s overwhelming for me to try to pinpoint the exact areas in my life that he has affected, because I think it spills into every aspect of life! Matteo not only spreads messages of love and acceptance, but he also has a very strong faith, which has made a huge impact on me. Being a teacher, Matteo has directly affected how I teach on a daily basis. Knowing Matteo has helped me recognize that students have hidden talents and gifts that traditional testing would never pick up on, and I feel that it is my job to help uncover those gifts in the students I work with. Matteo is the most talented and gifted person I know in so many ways, it just makes me wonder what is hidden within other children who have the Autism diagnosis.

Matteo and his parents have given our family such a gift, and he is ready and eager to share that gift with anyone who will listen. Matteo is one of those people who you can’t truly understand how amazing he is until you experience his presence in your life. I can never get enough of his messages, poetry, smiles, and of course, hugs! Matteo completely represents kindness, happiness, acceptance, and love."
Kiah Solberg, Teacher


"I’ll never be able to describe in words how Matteo Musso has changed my life.
He has taught me so many important things and to always assume intelligence in everyone. He has also taught me and many people from all over the world about autism and his journey with it. Matteo continues to amaze me. He is one of the most unique and interesting people I have ever met. I am so very lucky to call him my friend."
Ceclia K., Student


"Matteo is an autistic child who uses a letter board to communicate with others
for 11 years. He recently wrote a book explaining the experience of having autism.  He has taught us how to look at people who are different from us in a better, more respectful way. We are excited to be apart of Team Teo so we can all work together to make the world a kinder place." 
                    Kyle M., Billie E., and Austin B., Students


"My friend, Teo, is a SUPERHERO. He can do things that the average person cannot do.  Do you know the superpower that he has?  Probably not - the name is autism. Some people think of autism as a disability, but I like to think of it as an ability or a SUPERPOWER. Teo is the smartest kid I know. He can do college math and includes big words in his sentences, which a lot of times I don’t know. Teo’s motto is don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the lesson I want you to take away from this is that Teo is an amazing kid!"
                  Natasha S., Student

"Matteo is an inspiration to everyone. He has shown us that autism is a superpower not a disability. Matteo has also shown us that we should treat people normally even if they are different than we are. If you treat people with kindness, good things will happen!  Teo says that autism is a gift and he wants to spread his word and journey with everyone. We can all help him share his words of acceptance and kindness. Team Teo rocks!"

                  Natalie C., Katrina S., Caryn M., Students