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CAST accomplishments in 3.5 years:
• Matteo has presented over 75 presentations throughout the country to parents, students, at autism conferences, corporations, autism/special needs organizations promoting the message "assume intelligence" among others.
• Featured Speaker at AutismOne, USAAA conference and multiple others

• Presented on a conference panel alongside Temple Grandin
• Received the Temple Grandin Award 2017 by Los Positas College, Livermore, California
• Invited to speak to doctors, nurses and staff at the Mayo Clinic
• Authored and published 5 books (available on amazon)
• Created and sustains a YouTube Vlog, "Mondays with Matteo"


 "My mom and I are on a mission to spread knowledge and
positive ideals on the topic of autism, and also to shed light
on the truth about what’s going on in the minds
of non-verbal autistics."
~ Matteo Musso
Words about our work...
MUST READ for all caregivers and parents of Autistics. Autism from the point of view of an actual autistic individual. Real insight into their lives. Matteo is truly an angel on earth.  (Book: Autism Secrets Revealed: Potent information that a previously silent autist wishes the world.) – A. Meyers

 Hi, I want to thank you both for sharing your videos. You have renewed my inspiration and helped me see how capable and smart my 12 year old son is. I ordered your handbook and look forward to reading it to better help my son. I have three questions I was hoping you could answer. Does attending an ABA that doesn’t presume competence essentially waste his time? He attends a school that is nurturing but he isn’t learning much except for living skills. Is homeschooling a better option? Are there any other suggestions that you can share? Next question, I live in NYC area and there not many RPM providers to learn from but there are S2C providers. Do you know if S2C (spell to communicate ) is comparable to RPM? And lastly, my son still watches Dora and Diego and nick jr. . Do I replace them with more age appropriate shows, even if he requests them? Thank you again so much ... you are both incredible and blessings to the world!  – Anne Marie

I just finished "Handbook of Us"  It is uplifting in a way I cannot describe. Thank you for sharing it with the world!  –  S.T.

When I read your book(Love Land) slowly to absorb it all, it brings me to tears, appreciating your message to the fullest.  My heart feels your words and embraces them.  My older daughter has struggled with acceptance all her life so far, and we feel your words deeply.  You did a beautiful job putting this book together, and you've done a service to all who read your words.  May you influence many people and communities with your wise words and beautiful art!  You should promote it at school districts for disability awareness events. I hope it sells a bazillion copies!  –
Mrs. V.

Matteo is an amazing person who has had a huge impact on my life. His journey with autism is an inspiring story that changed how I look at things. He is an imaginative, talented person and I am happy he is my friend. – Haley Moore, Sixth Grade Student

Matteo not only has an incredible story to tell, he has the most amazing messages to share with the world. To say that he is eager to do so is an understatement. I’ve known Matteo since he was born and we’ve always known there was something special about him. The part that is so amazing to me is seeing his transformation into who he is today. Matteo has affected my life in so many ways I can’t even explain them all! It’s overwhelming for me to try to pinpoint the exact areas in my life that he has affected, because I think it spills into every aspect of life! Matteo not only spreads messages of love and acceptance, but he also has a very strong faith, which has made a huge impact on me. Being a teacher, Matteo has directly affected how I teach on a daily basis. Knowing Matteo has helped me recognize that students have hidden talents and gifts that traditional testing would never pick up on, and I feel that it is my job to help uncover those gifts in the students I work with. Matteo is the most talented and gifted person I know in so many ways, it just makes me wonder what is hidden within other children who have the Autism diagnosis. Matteo and his parents have given our family such a gift, and he is ready and eager to share that gift with anyone who will listen. Matteo is one of those people who you can’t truly understand how amazing he is until you experience his presence in your life. I can never get enough of his messages, poetry, smiles, and of course, hugs! Matteo completely represents kindness, happiness, acceptance, and love.  – Kiah Solberg, Teacher

This book (Handbook of Us) has changed my life and my relationship with my 5 yr. old son with autism. It opened up my eyes and heart to what I "thought" was autism was about. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this book. Please keep writing Matteo, much love and gratitude. - Dawn HaKanson

On behalf of the entire Pleasanton Men's Club, I want to thank you both so much for a compelling, educational, and sometimes emotional (in a good way) program. Matteo, you are such an inspiration. Annette, you are too truly a memorable day for us, one we will never forget. God Bless you.  –  Kevin Powers

Dear Matteo,
Like you, I am a writer. Thank you for your words, they will keep my writing going. You are light bringer, never give up. Thank you for your bravery. I am going home to get to know what my son, Owen, wants to do. Instead of chopping plastic or picking up sticks, leaves and logs with the rest of his life. (I think he's a sculptor)  –  Love, W. S.

Matteo's writings speak to the heart of what it means to be a compassionate human and to take our time and truly listen to those we care about. He has broken through the assumptions of others and through this, offers incredible lessons and insight into his experiences. He continues to expand the possibilities of neuro-diverse understanding that relates to each one of us.

– Phil Didlake, MT/BC (music therapist)

Dear Matteo, You are amazing! I have really enjoyed reading your first book. It has provided me with so many insights into my son's life and hopefully lightened up my attitude. It's funny you say we are here to learn from our children because through MNRI and my son Tyler, I have learned so many things about myself. I have more moments where I don't feel like I'm spinning and I do see that reflected in Tyler. Thank you for your beautiful and eloquent words that are way beyond your years. Thank you for the inspiration you provide and thank you for the hope you provide.  Regards, L. Cameron

Matteo and Annette, Wow! What an amazing duo you two are! I cannot thank you enough for coming to share your message of kindness and compassion with our elementary students! I learned so much that I can apply to myself, my own children and to my students. You both have touched my heart! Thanks again, this was a wonderful way to wrap up our school year!  Rebecca


This is one of the most powerful books (Handbook of Us) I have ever read.... period. Matteo's wisdom was an answer to so many of my prayers as a parent of a 9 yr old son with autism. I wish I had this book at the beginning of my autism journey. I think our path would have been filled with more joy and peace. The inspired insight in this book has shifted the energy in our home. We are all shining brighter. Thank you so much Matteo! We love you, and hope to thank you in person one day. – Andrea Ashton

Dear Annette, It was wonderful to meet with you. Absolutely inspiring to say the least. I really would love for Matteo and you to come and share your story with our parents and families at PRAGNYA.  

I also wanted to request you to see if you could provide me more information about how I could get my daughter, Pragnya to tap into her other brain resources through RPM.  I am not sure if this would be a "fit" for her - but I do believe in the same ideologies and am of the same opinion that you all are - about energies and vibrations and how attuned our neuro-diverse children are to the same. Matteo and you truly inspire with your sunny and cheery personalities.  Keep up the great work. P.S. I was so jazzed after the meeting that I have been talking about matteo to so many people I met, ever strangers on the flight, when I was asked about the book I was reading.  :)  Warmest regards, Kavita


I'm so glad you have been able to get Matteo's word out to more people. You'll also be happy to know that I shared Matteo's book with a neighbor of my daughter who works with early elementary aged children on the spectrum. He loved it!  He's been "fighting" with God due to some hurt in his past and it has opened an avenue for my daughter and son-in-law to talk to him about God without him getting defensive. Such a blessing!  Hopefully one day Matteo's book will have been one of the seeds Jesus used to get him to open his heart to Him.  – Judith

I’ll never be able to describe in words how Matteo Musso has changed my life. He has taught me so many important things and to always assume intelligence in everyone. He has also taught me and many people from all over the world about autism and his journey with it. Matteo continues to amaze me. He is one of the most unique and interesting people I have ever met. I am so very lucky to call him my friend.  – Cecilia K., Student

Matteo is an autistic child who uses a letter board to communicate with others for 11 years. He recently wrote a book explaining the experience of having autism.  He has taught us how to look at people who are different from us in a better, more respectful way. We are excited to be apart of Team Teo so we can all work together to make the world a kinder place. – Kyle M, Billie E and Austin B (students)  


My friend, Teo, is a SUPERHERO. He can do things that the average person cannot do.  Do you know the superpower that he has?  Probably not - the name is autism. Some people think of autism as a disability, but I like to think of it as an ability or a SUPERPOWER. Teo is the smartest kid I know. He can do college math and includes big words in his sentences, which a lot of times I don’t know. Teo’s motto is don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the lesson I want you to take away from this is that Teo is an amazing kid!  – Natasha S., Students


Matteo is an inspiration to everyone. He has shown us that autism is a superpower not a disability. Matteo has also shown us that we should treat people normally even if they are different than we are. If you treat people with kindness, good things will happen!  Teo says that autism is a gift and he wants to spread his word and journey with everyone. We can all help him share his words of acceptance and kindness. Team Teo rocks! Natalie C., Katrina S., Caryn M., (students)



"Matteo Musso Official" Channel - YouTube Comments


Thank you, thank you Matteo! I received your message with my whole heart. It was such a timely reminder. I love Mondays 💖 
This video was so helpful, Matteo! Thank you so much. Much love!! Thank you so much for sharing your light 💗
"Attitude is free" I needed that today!! Thank you so much, Matteo!!!
Thank you so much for this video. It shook me to the core. Thank you for assisting me in my relationship with my sweet son. I'm so grateful for you Matteo.
Oh Matteo , you are more than "a splash of beauty in this world " - more like a whole Tsunami. fabulous!
God sure shines through you Matteo and your mom too. We love your videos. Keep them coming🙏
Another inspiring video, thanx
I needed to hear this today. Thank you!
Beautiful once again Matteo. My son who is also on the spectrum watches this with me at times.🙏
Love this!!!
You guys brighten my day and plant hope in me.
SOOOOO important !!! My son-in-law talks baby talk to my VERY clever non verbal 10 year old grandson and I have to then say to our (Non-V). Good talk Matteo, very important point to make.
I love hearing your voice. Keep moving forward. Thank you for all you do for the silent others
This was beautiful, well done and thanks for sharing this one.
OH MY GOODNESS!!! TEO You've done it again! Beautiful tears & heart listening accentuation <3 <3 <3 your work in helping us heal see the beauty beyond waiting for us, bless you friend !
Fantastic. Will try this with my son.
Thank you for sharing. All our children now go to the gym because of you! Thank you for keeping us all in better shape.
Matteo you are my favorite abstract art. Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless.

An angel on the wing....Wow! Very comforting. What a nice gift your son has.
This is so uplifting.....very special cool boy.
Thanks for doing your bit to raise the awareness in the best sort of way Matteo.
Love your motto Matteo "teach, presume competence and move on"
Absolutely Amazing
Tell Mr.Matteo I would LOVE for him to be our President one day! His soul screams of his kindness & intelligence. We would be honored to have someone like Matteo represent the United States of America!!! U HAVE MY VOTE! 
What a beautiful young man you have!
Wow! SERIOUSLLY BEAUTIFUL. Heart expanding work right there Matteo! Goosebumps all over me :0)
Keep up your inspirational work Matteo!
Teo! Thank you for sharing your God given gifts! You are truly special.
That is why fore-runners like you Matteo are so important, because later on it will be a case of - "This is Matteo he is part of our team and he is one of our "type to talk guys." I am sure auties will be a big part of the work place no doubt . 1 in 32 on the spectrum and more coming ... things HAVE to change and you will be part of making things better. And your wonderful parents too . xx
I once said to my terrified self - 'OK, if I can do this... then I can do anything ." I was dancing in public for the first time. After that I was 'bullet-proof" - became a pro dancer , danced many times since and NEVER get nervous. It is good to take a scary situation and overcome it , it makes us SO STRONG - like you Matteo. Public speaking is one of the biggest fears there is and you do it all the time - you ROCK!
I'd love to come for sure but i am too far away in Australia,,, :( And rapid prompting is hardly recogized here - it is a struggle to be heard . BUT I am telling everyone who will listen and you are one of the superstars of this new communication - I tell them to watch your vids. One day we will have many Aussie kids banging away on letter boards/ Ipads in schools here in Aus - they will say - G'day Matteo !
This is so, so beautiful and a wonderful gift given to a great young man!
Way to go! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Matteo Musso Official I have shared on my Page on Facebook and in autistic groups.
I have shared on my page and autistic groups on Facebook... You are so talented! Keep strong and positive!
We should all see with such eyes ...and feel with such heart Matteo
It is all opportunities for soul growth Auties and NT's alike. I love how the champions amonst the kids make themselves known - strong examples for the others. Plus, if they step up they get to be buds with the amazing Matteo.
Teo - your message through your poem is powerful, inspiring, and meaningful. Thank you for sharing and for being a positive leader in our unsettled world today. Blessings!
Wow Matteo ! I am new to your channel and thought you had apraxia like so many auties could not speak at all ...- but there you are... talking to us - so good ! With your verve and intelligence I am sure that one day you will be the voice for many. God bless
Your thoughts and ideas expressed so well in words are an inspiration to me Mateo. You rock!
Wow~Wee Matteo 💪 what an amazing dream , so good you planted within us we join you in sharing this dream into reality , thank you for your eloquently crafting something we can all share together your words touch on so much towards warming hearts of all on earth in times humanity needs to hear it , thank you thank you thank you ; yours truly skillfully composed 😍
Too AWESOME!! " Compassion - education + LOVE no matter if we speak or squeak. The bare necessities ." - Matteo. Should be a tee shirt.
Matteo , YOU represent a new attitude and fresh ideas by changing everyone's old out-dated ideas around autism. - Mum , could we see some of the pointing on a transparent letter-board at least at the beginning of the video before you start editing it to be shorter. I feel it is important for any parents new to this concept and frankly it does blow their mind!! lol. happy new year!
Thank you for your Monday message, Matteo!
Hello! This video is incredibly heartwarming, thank you Matteo and mom!! I myself have a 14yo son with autism and just purchased a letter board to help him express his thoughts. May I ask, how did you learn how to implement it? Is there a book available? Thank you in advance!
thanks for sharing your story. we have had many similar stories.
My daughter told me to watch these videos, and she did too. When I watched the video I instantly watched them all. 
This guy  has finally been able to share his ideas to the world, and is trying to make it a better place. That is something that other people need to start doing more often
It takes a person a lot of courage to try things, and that he is on here sharing his thoughts and motivations is something we can all learn from this guy.
totally have me subscribing & looking forward to Mondays with Matteo 😊
Looking to stay more focused on the positive. Thanks Matteo!
Matteo, thank you so much for the beautiful, wise thoughts. You are so right, my friend.  Less negative, more positive.  And loving thoughts and prayers for those who are suffering around us.  You and your mother never cease to amaze me.  I loved your book and look forward to your weekly thoughts.




Matteo has presented across the country in conferences, parent groups, schools and corporations offering his unique perspective on being autistic. His message is loud and clear: Assume intelligence. He and his mom, Annette, share their insight on the many things and ways of being that have worked for them. Matteo enjoys sharing and communicating with his many other autistic and special needs friends. He feels and acts on a deep calling to be a voice for the voiceless, to find a new world where ALL people are respected and loved. Matteo says, “look beyond what you see to learn the truth.”

Contact us here to schedule a presentation for your conference or group.