"Wonderful. Informative."
"Thank you Matteo, for sharing. It was great to get some perspective.
I learned a lot."
"Thank you for your gift of education. You are an amazing teacher and will teach so many."
                                    – Presentation Attendees

Presentations in the Medical Profession:
Hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, therapists, and support staff working with autistic people.

Matteo has spoken to many medical professionals regarding how to interact and treat autistic people from an autistic's perspective. Matteo offers incredible insight on his personal perspective. Matteo's sharing immediately engenders a light bulb moment for practitioners. He was recently invited and spoke at The Mayo Clinic and the feedback was filled with enthusiastic gratitude for Matteo's message and insight. Matteo has a gift of communicating clearly and succinctly what it is like for the autistic person. Invaluable information that enriches the group hearing it, kindness and respect ensues.


"Matteo's presentation taught me to be careful not make assumptions, to continue to be open and non judgmental. I am humbled to be more open to differences now."
                                        Mayo Clinic Presentation Participant


"Amazing mom and son, you both have a great story to share with many!"
                                         Mayo Clinic Presentation Participate


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