Mozart & The Mind Conference
San Diego, California
May 30 - June 2, 2019
Featured Speaker: Matteo Musso

SILENT VOICES: Empathy & Autism Presentation
Monday, Oct. 1st - 6:30-8:30pm
Stillwater Middle School
523 W Marsh Street, Stillwater, MN
The PONY CHANGEMAKERS team, in partnership with Andersen Elementary, is hosting a presentation by Matteo Musso, a 14 year old young man with autism who discovered how to communicate through a letter board just two years ago.  His trapped intelligence released after almost 12 years of silence, Matteo guides us through his world and shares amazing insights through his poetry and writing. Over the last two years, Matteo has written and published several books, created a non-profit organization called the CREATIVE AUTISM SOLUTIONS TEAM, and has presented to several universities, schools and corporate and medical groups across the US.  Matteo and his mother, Annette, will share their story of this journey on Monday evening in his presentation:  “Silence Speaks Louder Than Words:  A Perspective Unheard from a Silent Autistic Teen.”
Matteo’s message focuses not only on autism awareness, but also on how we should all practice empathy, look for the gifts in others, and live a life of acceptance and respect. By exploring our gifts and passions and connecting with others, we can all design our purpose and become change-makers.

Matteo’s Articles:

Article published on Autism Empowerment website:  

Luther College Article:
The newly formed PONY CHANGEMAKERS team is a group of multi-age students from Stillwater Middle School focused on empathy and human-centered design and innovation. We will be working with Andersen students this fall to help them learn how we can use our empathy skills to collaboratively problem-solve and create innovative solutions for others. Several classrooms at Andersen Elementary will be participating in the Global Read Aloud starting on October 1st, and reading A Boy Called Bat by Elana K. Arnold. The main character is a young autistic boy. This book, paired with the writings of Matteo Musso, and the story of Dr. Temple Grandin, will serve as a launchpad into a deeper learning experience focused on empathy and human-centered design.

AutismOne Conference 2018
Chicago, May 23-27

Featured Speaker: Matteo Musso
"A Perspective Unheard"
“Truth is – autism, it’s not what you think.”  Matteo Musso, a 14 year old non-vocal teen with autism, shares his truth through a letter board. He will share what really made the difference when it came to his own growth and evolution, as well as his perspective on life as he experiences it through the lens of autism. In addition you will have an opportunity to ask Matteo questions regarding stims, diet, attitude, behaviors, school, therapies, exercise, and anything else you want to know that may help your child. “Here is my truth. It may not be yours. But I’ll explain mine. A perspective unheard.” Question and answer session following.
For more information:  AutismOne Conference