Upcoming Events

Lincoln Center
New York City
April 25, 2017

Matteo will be one of 2 “Elite Guests” representing
the autism community at this fundraiser:

AutismOne Conference 2018
Chicago, May 23-27

Featured Speaker: Matteo Musso
"A Perspective Unheard"
“Truth is – autism, it’s not what you think.”  Matteo Musso, a 14 year old non-vocal teen with autism, shares his truth through a letter board. He will share what really made the difference when it came to his own growth and evolution, as well as his perspective on life as he experiences it through the lens of autism. In addition you will have an opportunity to ask Matteo questions regarding stims, diet, attitude, behaviors, school, therapies, exercise, and anything else you want to know that may help your child. “Here is my truth. It may not be yours. But I’ll explain mine. A perspective unheard.” Question and answer session following.
For more information:  AutismOne Conference


Las Positas College, Psychology Department
Livermore, California, February 8, 2018

Featured Speaker: Matteo Musso 
"Living with Autism and How to Work with Autistic Clients"

University of Wisconsin School of Nursing
Madison, Wisconsin, February 15, 2018

Featured Speaker: Matteo Musso 
"Working with Special Needs Patients"

Parents Helping Parents - Bay Area
San Jose, California, March 8, 2018

Featured Speaker: Matteo Musso 
"A Perspective Unheard"