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 Jan.17, 2018  
After watching Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech in its entirety,
Matteo wrote:
"Every word he said is true and moral. I enjoyed his speech because he spoke for so many who needed a voice. I am sad that such a moral leader was taken from this country so early in his life. We sure could use such a moral leader now. Part of me is like him; I feel a closeness of passion and ethics. Let me see…"

By Matteo Musso

I have a dream that someday
people of all races, religions,
sizes, persuasions, languages,
talents, intellect and speaking
abilities will be respected and
accepted for what lies within
their hearts, not for how they
fit the “status quo.”

I have a dream that all people
will use the language of actions
over speech; that bold, humble
service and giving, shouts
louder than saying what was

I have a dream that the need
for words that say, “I love you”
disappears into the smiles
shared, hugs given and good
deeds done for those we love
and for those we have yet to

I have a dream that flowing
streams continue to provide
basic essentials for mankind
and the cleaning of the
environment proceeds in
bright success.

I have a dream that nations can
realize that no piece of land is
worth the killing of so many
and no matter what man’s ego
thinks it knows, God still
requires us to put love first.

I have a dream that people turn
from judgment and fear to
mutual respect and trust.

I have a dream that education
will be given to everyone,
whether they can communicate
with words or not; that the
intelligence and competence of
people are not judged by their
visual displays of harmless
movements or actions.

I have a dream that the
beautiful plan God had of
blessing each of us with gifts
that are to be unwrapped and
shared, will be discovered and
nurtured for the betterment of

I see this dream coming true in
my heart. Let it be so. And a
warm blanket of peace and
prosperity covered the Earth in
a bed of love and respect.

By Matteo Musso



Mondays with Matteo Video Transcription:

Hi everyone.
So, I have been thinking about my food a lot lately. I enjoy food so much now. I didn’t always, though. It used to pose problems for my gut. I could only tolerate so much and my sensory system permitted very few textures. Plus I couldn’t trust its purity because mom always was hiding supplements in it. That’s when I didn’t really appreciate food for its taste. It was for survival only, accosted by what others thought I needed. Now, however, food is a total experience for me and I want it all the time. We can do things in life that feel or taste unpleasant just to survive or we can enjoy every bite after you learn that God provides beautiful meals for us each day. Sometimes others want to taint our meals with their opinions but remember that you are the best at knowing what you need. God gave you that intuition as a gift. Enjoy each bite of your life and the extra supplements others try to sneak in are often out of love. Whether you eat them or not is up to you. Bon appetite.
– Matteo Musso